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December 24, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

If you read my post about Instagram falling out of favour with it's users because of their T&C's then have a look at this  - it may really help you save time - and loads of heartache!



After last week’s Instagram furore, many people threw tantrum and stopped using it (for now, anyway)


A lot of those quitters went over to Flickr - a well established photo sharing and archiving site - which incidentally has just released a lovely new and very good iphone app. 


Now - in a VERY smart move.. over the weekend, Flickr gave its regular free members a three-month Pro subscription.  Not only as this a very shrewd way to prise people away from Instagram and the Facebook machine that now owns it - but – a Flickr Pro account ups your limit on photo uploads, so now - you can bring in LOADS of images from other services - err like err - Instagram!


Ah - but you say how are you going to get your thousands of photos of the cat, the car, the dinner, the coffee in all their beautiful swuare splendour into Flickr without it being a proper royal pain in the rear?


Well - there's a site called 'Free The Photos' and guess what - it does JUST that.


It moves your Instagram photos to Flickr. So you don't have to faff. It just does it. Plus. It's free. 


Just sign in with both accounts, check the box to get a notification when it’s done (and tap in your e-mail address so it can actually notify you) and you’re done. I short while later and you’ll find all your Instagrams in your Flickr.


The pictures are added to a new set called “Instagram,” and they’ll also appear in your timeline. Any captions you had on your photos are preserved.


Once the transfer is all done.. go to the Organizer on Flick and change the 'sort by so you can see the latest pictures at the top (which will be the same order they were in Instagram)


Hope this helps!




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