Satureyes appointed to 'Pro Team' at Coordinate Gear

April 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

If there’s one thing that all photographers will tell you - it’s they are always on a quest to find ‘the’ perfect camera bag. Whether you’re amateur or pro, there’s always the need to make sure you can get your kit around.


The trouble is - there’s hundreds of them. All manner of shapes and sizes and it’s never really a case of ‘one size fits all’.


So, myself like many other photographers before me have spent many an hour pouring through websites, looking and trying bags hoping that one will be THE one. 


So one afternoon I stumbled on a young company called Coordinate Gear. who are taking a fresh approach to camera bags. 


They make a collection of bags - which are all modular, so you can pick and choose what you want to take with you at any time. Their bags can fit within their other bags so you can move lots around- and then split up the kit once you arrive at your destination. 


It looked like a great idea.. a modular solution that is keenly priced and looks great. After all - who doesn’t want matching luggage?


I contacted them and struck up a great relationship straight away. What was amazing was that they were really keen to listen to what we, as photographers wanted. 


Their founder, Paul Nel is actually a PADI master scuba diver who was looking for a way to transport his expensive Scuba gear - and keep it safe on and off boats. 


He realised that managing, storing and carrying equipment is best achieved in modules of square shapes that can be stacked. He compares it to ‘Tetris’ with bags.  



I met Paul and he presented his bags to me - and I fell in love. Sure there was some issues - but he was more than happy to listen to my feedback. Within a few weeks I’d already had several coffees and chatted through what changes I’d make to create the ultimate system. 


So, over the coming weeks, months and longer I will be putting the bags through their paces and seeing how they fair up. I will be using them for both work and pleasure. As bags for my camera gear as well as my personal items. 


Coordinate Gear have created the ‘Pro Team’


A group of photographers who are using the kit in a variety of uses and conditions and I’m honored to be part of it. 


As well as providing honest and unbiased feedback - we will be working with them to refine their already excellent products into hopefully the ultimate carrying system. 





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