Spring into Summer

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It looks as if we may have finally seen the end of the rubbish winter weather, so it's a great time to go outside and get shooting some signs of spring.  

Here's a few tips to help you get some lovely shots of this colourful season.


It's magic.. but not a lot.

You may have heard the phrase the “magic hour”. There's a few minutes each day when the light is perfect. If you are able to get out just after dawn and just before sunset you can get some beautiful colours. You have to be up early though. No pain, no gain!

IMG_9732 - 2009-07-19 at 14-54-51

Get in close

Put your camera into macro mode (usually an icon of a little flower). 
With flowers appearing, it's a good chance to get shots that really show off spring. Get in close to the tulips and daffodils. If you're feeling creative you can get really low and lie on the ground for some great shots.

IMG_9753 - 2009-07-19 at 15-04-55

Colour in the dull

Look for bursts of colour in the landscape. Much of what you see will still have dull winter colours but look for signs of life on trees, new buds and things can make a dull scene look brilliant. Make sure the colour part is in focus and the other colours will fall away into the background.

IMG_9697 - 2009-07-19 at 14-03-40

Let it rain

Don't be worried if it rains.. once it's stopped then water droplets on flowers can look amazing. You can also use the wet ground for reflections, especially if the sun is low.

Zoom in

Animals tend to wander around a lot more than in winter, their cover is dwindling and you can see them a lot clearer in spring. Zoom in - and capture them as they appear. 
Zooming brings them closer without you scaring them off by moving towards them.


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