Foam Talent

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Shaping the future of contemporary photography is not an easy task - with millions of images flying past our eyes each week, it's important for new and emerging talent to be given a platform. 

When photography is so omnipresent, the very notion of 'photography' becomes increasingly difficult to define - especially in the digital age with infinite reproduction. 

I was delighted to be invited by the team at WeTransfer, to visit the Foam Talent exhibition they are sponsoring at the Beaconsfield Gallery in Vauxhall. An actual social trip for once (but obviously the camera came too!)

A small group of WeTransfer-ites met in the fabulous Pharmacy2 restaurant. The place is a joint venture of Damien Hirst and Mark Hix and based at the Newport St Gallery, which houses Hirst's personal art collection. 

Pharmacy 2, VauxhallPharmacy 2, Vauxhall A weirdly enticing space filled with medicines, tablets and a glass cabinet with some rather macabre looking medical implements inside.  Where else can you have brunch whilst looking at some spotlessly clean amputation saws, or devices that are clearly designed to be inserted into various holes of the body for surgical procedure (or for fun it you're that way inclined)?

Brunch followed a short talk by Tom from the British Journal of Photography, and once the poached eggs were devoured we took a short stroll down the road to the Beaconsfield Gallery where we met Foam Director, Marcel Feil who walked us through the exhibition. 

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall in London have teamed up to present Foam Talent. 21 artists selected by the photography museum from its annual Talent Call and representing an international range of interrogative image-makers under the age of 35. 

L1001385L1001385 The idea behind the show is to reinterpret photographic traditions, with more than 100 photographs made through a range of digital and analogue processes. The exhibition showcases a new generation of photographers who deploy their skills to address topics from advertorial conventions to the truth-values of documentary. 

Through this diversely installed exhibition hosted by Beaconsfield, Foam presents its views on the current state of photography, creating a platform that introduces emerging talents in the international world of photography. 

Foam is an internationally operating organisation in the field of photography, based in the centre of Amsterdam. Foam informs and inspires the widest possible audience by presenting all facets of contemporary photography, by organising a range of activities varying from exhibitions to publications, debates and educational projects.


It was a great way to meet some of the WeTransfer head office team. It's really important o engage with your user base so they can understand how to make the file transfer service work better for us, and also for us to to pitch ideas to them with ideas on where they could take it into the future.  

A really lovely few hours away from my Mac, rounded off by a cheeky beer. Lovely!




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