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Quick Rants: Husband & Wife Photographers

October 30, 2013  •  5 Comments

There seems to be a trend amongst the wedding photography community for 'husband and wife' photographers.

There's something of a trend-especially amongst the wedding photography community for 'husband and wife' combos to be touting their wares. I mean - really? Can it be such a twist of fate that 2 people become lovers - and those lovers share a passion for photography, and then take their career and their love to new heights together? 

Does being married to a photographer automatically give you the skills you need to be a professional photographer yourself? 

How does this happen? By osmosis? Does the partner acquire the relevant skills and aesthetic eye of a photographer just by being in the same room?

Some* people call me sceptical - the cheek of it - but in my humble opinion I'd say that if one partner has the skills the chances are the other one doesn't - and potters around in the background, looking like they know what they're doing fumbling around with a camera and big lens. I'd argue that the concept is to 'add value' to their photography - the client thinks 'wow - I'm getting 2 photographers, and the photographers can bang a good few hundred more on the bill.

Of course they will tell you that 'the women have a great bond, and they can get shots that men can't because they're much more relaxed' and other nonsense. They will certainly look busy on the day, ferrying kit here and there, and occasionally putting on spurts of energy to impress - and look busy. 

Does this happen in other professions? Does the wife of a doctor become qualified to diagnose? Does the husband of an architect have the ability to construct a building? 

Clearly not. 





satureyes photography
Jono.. Oh.. the sort of photo couples I am talking about have never been near an art school - let alone met at one..
Jonathan Slack(non-registered)
Calm down Rick! :). I know lots of couples who are both doctors. Could be that one is a charlaton, but more likely your wedding photographer couples met at the same art school.
Steven Miric(non-registered)
My take on the topic:

Disclaimer: did almost 10 years of wedding Photogrpahy with great success, but got burned out by everything else involved but photography part...

Comparing (wedding) photography professin to doctor's is bait of a stretch... But, let's put it to the left a bit, and say a spouse of a painter can be a painter too... How about that? What? A short course at community college, few paint brushes and stuff and...

I have seen these kind of "teams" popping all over in my city's market. Some are better then others. I actually personally know one couple. Thier Photogrpahy levels were average, and her skills were terrible! But, she had "the talk" ( so important in wedding bussines, who ever is/was part of it, knows what I am referring to...). So, they had clients all over.

Again, wedding business particularly has lesss and less to do with photography craft and uniques. Especially with advancements of digital hardware. Everybody can call them selfs "pro" photographer by picking up a 5D MKII... Along the lines, unemployed spouses of photographer's see the chance to "join in"... And that's what we have.
satureyes photography
Ah.. but the MAJORITY are jumping onto the bandwagon - you're being stirring the pot because you know FULL well it's way too easy to pull the wool over someones eyes with photography..
This would be a very good point... except it kind of assumes that photography is a skill that you can't learn...

While it takes 6 years of a medical degree and then various exams and placements to become a doctor, arguably it takes someone teaching you how to use a camera and lots of practice to become a decent photographer. I'm not saying it's an easy skill to learn but certainly an accessible one.

I don't think it's such a stretch to assume that if one partner is passionately interested in photography, that they'd be incapable of teaching the other. Many wedding photographers bring less experienced second shooters with them anyway, it's cheap and the less experienced photographer doesn't bear sole responsibility for the shots and can build their portfolio.

If you're both interested and capable photographers, why not maximise your profit margins by working together and marketing it as a romantic business proposition?

I'm not saying that every husband and wife team contains two fully capable and experienced photographers, just that it's not really that much of a stretch to imagine.

It's also not out of the question that people might meet and bond over a shared love of something... like photography for example. I know a husband and wife photography team who met doing a fine art degree and both specialised in photography, which is how they got to know each other...

And one final thought - not all husband and wife photography teams have two photographers on board. I know a husband and wife team where the husband is a photographer and the wife is a graphic designer who makes up wedding albums etc. afterwards.

Pot stirred. x
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